Japan: Miyajima

Last year I was in Japan for 53 days. When my daughter-in-law's mother heard me talk about some of the places I had been, she asked me to write them down for her. It's been over a year so it's about time for me to stop procrastinating and to honor her request.

Since my itinerary wasn't always logical, my Japan series won't be written chronologically. I'm going to begin with my favorite place in all of Japan, Miyajima.

TV Show Recommendation: Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Title: 深夜食堂 (*Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories*)
Creator: あべやろう
Type: マンガ、テレビの番組


TV Show Recommendation: Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!

Title: Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!
Creator: David Collins
Type: TV Show URL:


キャストは男の人が五人います。。一人は料理人です。一人は文化の人です。一人はファッション の人です。一人はインテリアデザイナー です。一人は身だしなみの人です。彼らはファブフィヴェと申します。

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