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Latest Roundup: May 16 2021


Most of our study groups have continued to steadily progress while one has been cancelled for lack of attendance. The Upper Beginners study group finished Lesson 10 in Genki I, the Saturday study group has finished Lesson 22 which means they're now on the last chapter of the Genki series, and the Marugoto N3 group on Mondays and Thursdays finished off their second textbook in the past year when they completed Marugoto B1-1 last month. おめでとうございます!

Latest Roundup: Feb 7 2021

It's February 2021 and we've been meeting online in Discord for almost 11 months. While it can get trying at times, the important thing for us to remember is to keep leveling up our Japanese fluency.

The Intermediate Marugoto group on Mondays and Thursdays is working on Topic 8 of 9 in Marugoto B1-1. The Sat group just finished Lesson 21 in Genki II while the Upper Beginners group just finished Lesson 9 in Genki I. We've also been competing with each other using the quiz functionality of the Kotoba Discord bot as another way to reinforce the Japanese we've been learning.

Latest Roundup and Writing Practice #5: July 31 2020






Latest Roundup: June 26 2020

We accomplished a lot this past month! We finished Genki I and Marugoto A2B1. お疲れさまでした!

Yesterday we continued to work on Marugoto's B1, Chapter 1, 「始めての人と」。The conversations are spoken faster in the recordings and the quantity of new words introduced has increased. I already have 132 new words in my Anki deck and we haven't even finished the chapter yet (!!).

Tomorrow we'll work on Chapter 14 of Genki II. New grammar includes the use of ほしい、〜かもしれません、and あげる / くれる / もらう。楽しみにしています!^ー^


Latest Roundup: May 12 2020

We've finished seven weeks of online meetups now. New people have joined and members we haven't seen for awhile have returned. 久しぶり!It's nice to see you all back! (I've been rather horrible at taking screenshots lately so I don't have many to post but I'm working on getting better.)

Latest Roundup: Mar 8 2020

  • At the Monday Edina site, we continue to follow Sean's lead.
  • In the Thursday Minnetonka group, we've been playing カルタ. 来週カルタのカードを作ります。
  • In the Saturday Saint Paul meetup, we finished Chapters 0, 1, and 2 last Saturday and will be covering Chapters 3 and 4 on Sunday, March 15. Please note the change of date.
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