Hi, everyone!

Tomorrow marks our one year anniversary since we've been meeting online because of covid-19. In recognition of this event, I asked our members who join us in Discord three questions and told them that their responses would be anonymous.

  1. How do you study Japanese?
  2. What's your favorite way of studying?
  3. Are there any barriers to studying Japanese?

Here's the first set of responses.

Writing Practice #1: Genki II, Marugoto B1-1, and Virtual Meetings




最近げんきの本の1とまるごとの本のA2B1を終わりました。お疲れさまでした! 、今週げんきの本の2とまるごとの本の中級1を始めます。楽しみにしています。




Latest Roundup: Mar 24 2020

We've been meeting in Discord now for over a week. We have had not only our usual Japanese conversation and Japanese conversation practice but we've also streamed a movie and a game of Yakuza. ^ー^

Meeting in Discord has had some good surprises. Children of members have made guest appearances and now we get to see Emily's Shiori and Kris' Balto and cat every week, too!

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