4. Choose a study method

Latest Roundup: May 12 2020

We've finished seven weeks of online meetups now. New people have joined and members we haven't seen for awhile have returned. 久しぶり!It's nice to see you all back! (I've been rather horrible at taking screenshots lately so I don't have many to post but I'm working on getting better.)

1. Learn Hiragana, 2. Learn Hiragana

"1. Learn hiragana, 2. Learn hiragana." I actually said this in a Saturday meetup. Why? Because someone who's brand new to the Japanese language joined the group and kept asking all around for books, tv shows and what not to learn Japanese when two of us had already posted separately - without knowing the other was going to post it, too - the . So I said, "1. Learn hiragana, 2.

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