Quiz Show Fundraiser Announcement

This coming December, Twin Cities Japanese Conversation will have a fundraiser to help defray the cost of our meetup listing. The total Meetup.com cost over the past year was $197.88.

The fundraiser will be in the style of a classic College Bowl quiz show format.

 - 20 mins Toss Up and Bonus Questions
 - 5 mins Lightning Round

Each team will be comprised of 4 people and you may start recruiting your teams now. It's highly recommended to have a mixed level of Japanese fluency as questions marked as N5 may only be answered by people who will have the N5 designation or lower and no higher. This means any one of higher Japanese proficiency, i.e., N4 or higher including native speaking, will not be allowed to answer the question and will earn their team negative points if they try to answer.

The College Bowl fundraiser will be moderated by Chang San and be held on one of the first three weekends in December. Maria San and I are preparing the questions. All three of us are ineligible to play.

Toss Up Questions: Free for all, the first person to answer the question correctly earns 10 points and a chance at the bonus question for their team. Anyone who buzzes in, interrupts the reading of the question and answers incorrectly will earn their team - 5 points. The time limit to answer this type of question is roughly 20 - 30 seconds.

Bonus Questions: Only the team which answers the toss up question correctly may answer this type of question. The whole team may work on answering the question but only the team captain or designated representative may answer. The time limit to answer this type of question is two minutes. Each correct answer is worth 25 points.

Lightning Round: No penalties for incorrect answers, each correct answer scores 5 points. If a team answers incorrectly, the other team has a chance to answer correctly.

Please submit the names of your players by Dec 1, 2021. Players on each team are highly encouraged to donate to play.

Questions? Please ask.