Latest Roundup: August 18 2021


There’s interest in forming a new Beginners study group. Their preferred meeting times are in the morning. If you’re interested, please contact me.

The Upper Beginners study group will finish Lesson 12, the last chapter, of Genki I this Friday and then start preparing to take a simulation of the JLPT N5 exam. The title of their events will change to reflect this. Meeting times are Tu 3pm CT and F 1pm CT. Anyone who is preparing to take the N5 exam is welcome to join us.

The Genki II study group finished the last chapter of Genki II several weeks ago. This group is the very first Genki group we formed back in the Fall of 2019 before the covid pandemic hit. It originally had five core members and lost and gained people over time but two ended up finishing the Genki series. おめでとうございます!

The Genki II group has been merged with the Marugoto study group so the Tuesday Genki II meetups have been cancelled. The Marugoto group decided to meet only once a week on M 7-8:30pm CT instead of twice per week as we had during covid. The Thursday Marugoto events have thus been cancelled.

The Marugoto study group finished Topic 3 of Marugoto B1-2 this week and will start Topic 4 next week. There are nine topics in all. After finishing the Marugoto series, the group plans to use the Tobira textbook for its studies.

The 水曜日会話集まり continues to meet on W 7pm CT since it began during covid. Thanks to 冨田さん, we always have a native speaker at these events. 本当にありがとうございます。いつも感謝しています。

Lastly, we decided to continue meeting online for the foreseeable future. 皆さん、気を付けてください。