Both Upper Beginners passed the N5 Simulation Exam - おめでとうございます!



Both Adan San and Andrew San passed the simulation of the JLPT N5 exam after three weeks or less of N5 preparation. Congratulations, Adan San and Andrew San!

If you're interested in taking a simulation of the N5 or N4 exam as they did, please visit . Remember to enter your name for the certificate at the conclusion of the exam or you'll lose your results, i.e., all the work you did for the 90-minute exam and all the grading of your answers.

To any beginner of the Japanese language:

While we do use Genki for the Upper Beginner meetups, they can be difficult to work from on one's own. That's why I recommend taking the free combined Katsudoo and Rikai courses at .

There are stand-alone Katsudoo courses but they don't really teach grammar. The Rikai section teaches grammar which is necessary to know for the JLPT exams.

The Minato courses contain the same content as the up to and including A2-2. Each course is self-paced but there's a 6-month time limit in which to complete them. If you have any experience with Genki I, you should be able to complete the A1 course fairly quickly. I went away to Japan for two months and was still able to complete one of the A2 courses.

The are the official textbooks of . The Japan Foundation is one of two organizations which administer the .

We have interest in forming another beginner group but the schedules aren't lining up. Since it's taking awhile, the Minato courses are a good way to make progress before the next one forms.