Anniversary Celebration, continued

We continue the celebration of our whole year of meeting online with another set of responses to the following three questions:

  1. How do you study Japanese?
  2. What's your favorite way of studying?
  3. Are there any barriers to studying Japanese?

I like different modes of study. I like my Anki deck, I can read Genki on my own. The spine is beginning to fall off for the first few chapters of Genki because I read them so much. I like coming here for an hour because this is where a lot is done. Sometimes I'll know a word but when someone is talking and uses that word in a sentence, I don't remember what it is. Then I look it up and go, oh!, I know that word! Why didn't I know that word?!

The barrier is time. I'm usually in bed when I remember to check my Anki deck and then I'm trading studying for sleep. I guess if I managed my time better, I could squeeze in more Japanese. I already read Genki while my son is falling asleep.

Happy Anniversary and Happy St Patrick's Day!