About TCJC


Let's try to talk in Japanese! 英語でも話しましょう!

We're based in Minnesota and have been holding events throughout the Twin Cities since October 10, 2019. We ordinarily would meet in Edina (Monday), Minnetonka (Thursday), and Saint Paul (Saturday) and hold special events in Minneapolis and elsewhere. During covid-19 we've been meeting in Discord and now have members from North Dakota, Chicago, and Japan.

The goal of this group is language fluency in either Japanese or English. This meetup group is for Japanese language learners who want to improve their Japanese speaking skills, fluent Japanese speakers who want to improve their English speaking skills and fluent Japanese speakers who would like to help those who are becoming fluent in either Japanese or English.

If you're new to this group, please show up at the beginning of the meetup for self-introductions. You must know hiragana before attending a meetup. Read for why.

Please note:
This is not an anime group nor a dating group. We're about learning and speaking the Japanese language.

Leadership Team

The organizers of this group are Sean, Will, Mike, Adan and me, Mariquita. We're all volunteers who are either proficient in speaking in Japanese or are working our way towards fluency.

Will hails from North Dakota. He's taken Japanese in college and would like to continue his Japanese learning. He readily helps beginning learners. He studies with the N3 Japanese Study Group.

Mike attended university in Japan for a year. He's very serious about his Japanese studies and regularly attends meetups even virtually throughout the covid-19 pandemic crisis. He studies with the N3 Japanese Study Group.

Adan lives in Chicago and has been studying Japanese for about 2.5 years. He attends the N4 Japanese Study Group meetups and has led a Beginning Genki ones.

Maria is an intermediate to advanced Japanese learner. She studied abroad in Japan for a year and continues to visit on an almost yearly basis. She leads the 読書会.

Jay leads the N5 Japanese Study Group. He's studied Japanese for a couple of years.

I like to practice Japanese as much as I can and attend as many of our meetups as I can. I lead the N4 Japanese Study Group and study with the N3 Japanese Study Group.

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