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Japanese Conversation Socials


These meetups are for intermediate Japanese speakers and above. Everyone is welcome to speak in Japanese here.

Japanese Study Groups

If you feel as if you're not ready yet for Japanese Conversation or want to continue building upon what you've learned, we have Japanese study groups whose members study Genki I, Genki II or Marugoto B1-2 together or read together.


Latest News

  • Starting Mar 16, 2020, all in-person meetups have been suspended until further notice. In the meantime, we've been meeting virtually in . Thank you for your understanding.
  • The N5 Japanese Study Group is meeting Sat, Dec 4, at 1pm. They'll start Lesson 1 of Genki I.
  • We've added a to the week starting Saturday, Oct 16, 11am-12n.
  • - おめでとうございます!
  • The N4 Japanese Study Group will work on くれる, あげる, and もらう in Genki II, Lesson 14.
  • On Monday evenings, the N3 Japanese Study Group is on Topic 5 of 9 in Marugoto B1-2.
  • 水曜日に新しくて日本語がペラペラなメンバーが入っています。楽しかったです!

4. Choose a study method

TV Show Recommendation: Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!

Title: Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!
Creator: David Collins
Type: TV Show URL:


キャストは男の人が五人います。。一人は料理人です。一人は文化の人です。一人はファッション の人です。一人はインテリアデザイナー です。一人は身だしなみの人です。彼らはファブフィヴェと申します。

て form

One of the stumbling blocks I had to learning Japanese was learning the て form of verbs. I guess I thought that if I just kept going that I'd eventually learn it. How wrong I was.

Learning て form is kind of like memorizing multiplication tables. You don't have to memorize them but it sure cuts down on a lot of time and work if you do.

Learning て form is kind of like memorizing multiplication tables. You don't have to memorize them but it sure cuts down on a lot of time and work if you do.

Latest Roundup: June 26 2020

We accomplished a lot this past month! We finished Genki I and Marugoto A2B1. お疲れさまでした!

Yesterday we continued to work on Marugoto's B1, Chapter 1, 「始めての人と」。The conversations are spoken faster in the recordings and the quantity of new words introduced has increased. I already have 132 new words in my Anki deck and we haven't even finished the chapter yet (!!).

Tomorrow we'll work on Chapter 14 of Genki II. New grammar includes the use of ほしい、〜かもしれません、and あげる / くれる / もらう。楽しみにしています!^ー^


Writing Practice #1: Genki II, Marugoto B1-1, and Virtual Meetings




最近げんきの本の1とまるごとの本のA2B1を終わりました。お疲れさまでした! 、今週げんきの本の2とまるごとの本の中級1を始めます。楽しみにしています。




Latest Roundup: May 12 2020

We've finished seven weeks of online meetups now. New people have joined and members we haven't seen for awhile have returned. 久しぶり!It's nice to see you all back! (I've been rather horrible at taking screenshots lately so I don't have many to post but I'm working on getting better.)

1. Learn Hiragana, 2. Learn Hiragana

"1. Learn hiragana, 2. Learn hiragana." I actually said this in a Saturday meetup. Why? Because someone who's brand new to the Japanese language joined the group and kept asking all around for books, tv shows and what not to learn Japanese when two of us had already posted separately - without knowing the other was going to post it, too - the . So I said, "1. Learn hiragana, 2.


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