TV Show Recommendation: Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Title: 深夜食堂 (*Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories*)
Creator: あべやろう
Type: マンガ、テレビの番組


An izakya in Shinjuku is open from 12 midnight to 7 in the morning. The main character is called “Master” and is the proprietor of the izakaya. Different kinds of people come here to eat and someone always has a problem to resolve.

Reason for Recommendation:
マリアさんは「深夜食堂」を勧めました。The stories are set in a calming environment and are usually told very sweetly. Each episode is titled after a type of dish and the show demonstrates how to cook the dish at the end of the episode. Watching this show always makes me hungry.

The Japanese language is also very clearly spoken here. Some of the episodes are very helpful in learning certain words. The トンテキ episode helped me finally remember the word 編む. oh, and I recognized three of the actors from 百万円の女たち。

The Tokyo Stories edition (2016-2019) of Midnight Diner is much better suited for early intermediate Japanese language learners than the first edition of Midnight Diner (2009-2014). The speed at which Japanese is spoken is usually slower and the sentences seem less complicated. With the Learning Language with Netflix extension, I can print out the dialogue of each episode and easily learn new words and phrases.

If you have a language exchange partner, your Japanese partner will be very helpful in explaining some of the words and situations. Chang San has helped explain so many things to me when we watch this show together over Discord. His explanations have helped me appreciate the stories so much better than when I was watching them on my own. I liked them before but I was truly missing out on a lot.

Favorite Quotation: